We at Paddles4less get lots of Questions about Pickleball stuff, Paddles,Balls,shoes,were to play, how to play-Yes I myself Play and Teach.

Keep in mind Longer narrower or Shorter wider pickleball paddles many times are used differently depending on singles or doubles style play. Typically Longer blades are for Singles and Short wider for doubles,and hybrid paddles fall somewhere in between.

XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap has now partnered with the USA Made line of Wilson Pickleball Paddles,and there are 3 models currently. The Wilson Juice XL,Juice and Echo all three Made in the USA quality paddles. Now come with aftermarket XTP Xtended Grip or at factory Specs here at Paddles4less.

But mostly its about equipment and most times its about Paddles and Inparticular about paddle extension because I am the inventor of the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap and many tennis players use the caps to Xtend Tennis Racquets-but in tennis its a bit different than Pickleball because in Tennis its Legal to use a Racquet up to 29 inches in length/most racquets are between 27 and 28 inches, but in Pickleball legal lenght is only 17 inches.

The USA Made Wilson XTP Juice XL Xtended can have half inch longer handle, or stay at factory specs.

We continue to see more and more Pickleball players wanting to slightly extend the shorter gripped paddles for optimum performance and two hander play.Adding just half an inch can mean alot in performance.

Most grip lengths on Long blade XL pickleball paddles is 4 inches,and most wider shorter paddles have longer up to 6 inch grips for possible two hander play.

The Wilson Echo Hybrid paddle now has a 6.1 inch grip with XTP

The Wilson WIDEBODY PICKLEBALL PADDLE has a 5.25 grip with XTP Xtended grip.

And the Wilson Juice XL has a 5.4 inch handel with XTP Xtended grip.

WILSON Juice XL long blade now longer grip with XTP Xtended butt cap.

We can Xtend any of these 3 Wilson USA made paddles at NO extra charge .In Stock found in our Pickleball category on homepage here at Paddles4less.

XTP ADDS HALF INCH To Any Pickleball Paddle.

Players can also just purchase the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap and customize your own paddle by simply removing the factory butt cap and installing the XTP.

XTP CAPS Sold in single cap purchase 19.99 up to a 5 pac for only 54.99.The most common size for pickleball is L2 cap.Check your size paddle when ordering.

If you have any questions regarding the XTP butt cap call me john.8186253634. Thanks

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