16 Sep

More Photos & Installation for XTP Tennis Butt Caps.

XTP Tennis Butt cap
More sizes more users for XTP Tennis butt cap

L0/1,L2,L3,L4 now in 4 different sizes

We are posting even more photos of the newest and easiest way to customize Tennis racquets,pickleball paddles,paddle tennis paddles.

XTP TENNIS BUTT CAP can fit securely any manufacturers racquet with HeatFit Technology and small amount of flexible rubber cement.

THE XTP TENNIS BUTT CAPS can add half inch or slightly more length to any Racquet, Now with Patented “HEATFIT” Technology-heating cap to 155 degrees can fit any manufacturers racquet.
We are known worldwide as the only product to offer such an easy fix to stretching that racquet or paddle easily adding half an inch,Or slightly more up 3/4 inch.Applying a small amount of flexible rubber cement Like Gorilla Clear Grip Glue gets secure fit.Glue not included.

Gorilla Clear Grip flexible glue best for XTP Tennis butt cap installation..Slightly flexible glue.

If you have a removable factory butt cap on your racket or paddle you can install the xtp to get maximum performance.
And with our patented design butt cap and our patented “Heatfit” installation application to get that needed secure fit on any octagon shaped handle we can fit any make and manufacture model racquet or paddle.


XTP Tennis Butt cap

Racquets or paddles extend your game.

14 Sep

XTP Tennis Butt Cap Photos & Tennis Industry Magazine

XTP Tennis Butt CAP can add lenght to ANY racquet or paddle by installing the XTENDED TENNIS Product,XTP.

Tennis Industry Magazine features XTP Tennis butt cap

We are very plessed with feedback of so many many Tennis,Pickleball and Paddle Tennis players with the use of XTP tennis butt caps…
We are showing some photos of how the cap does slightly build up the gripsize on the portion of the grip it slides over,so be aware the slight expansion of the grip as you install the XTP cap.
Some players notice this build up and would prefer it not do this but some players actually like the slight build up.
Either way its the a very very easy way to add lenght to any Racquet or Paddle on the market using the XTP tennis butt cap product. 

Extend your racquet and expand you Game.Xtp Tennis Butt Cap.

WITH THE HELP OF THE USRSA The United States Racquet Stringers Association we here at Paddles4less,Racquets4less have been able to help Tennis Shops and Players easily install and modify racquets by using the XTP tennis butt caps .

One great suggestion the USRSA had for some installers was to even restaple the XTP cap once installed .

A BIG THANK YOU TO USRSA FOR YOUR HELP..Tennis Industry Magazine ad