29 Oct


We now have direct distribution in Australia’s Top Servre Tennis Tennis stores and online presence,they are also handling New Zealand ..So you can purchase direct and cut down on ship cost and shipping time by going to them.

Also in in Europe we have Racquet Depot in the U.K.and currently,,they are handling most of Europe,they have a great online presence for our product.

And in Canada we expect to announce a direct distributor up that way any day now,Stay Tuned.

We have several Tennis shops in the USA that are official dealers/installers of the XTP tennis butt cap so check our dealer locator page,,more shops comming on every month as the word continues to get out on how EASY it us now to stretch your racquets easily half an inch by simply installing the XTP.
Some players do not care to install the cap and prefer to have their local tennis shop do the install.For about what a string job cost a shop can provide and install the XTP tennis butt cap. BUT believe me So So many players are finding how easy it is to install the cap themselves.And we have many videos showing the process of installation on tennis rackets and Paddle Tennis paddles and Pickleball.

22 Oct

Spec Tennis a new Sport like Paddle Tennis

XTP MAKES POP/Paddle Tennis paddles and Pickleball Paddles.

We know the only constant is change and Pickleballs growth in the last 5 years has changed the way many Tennis players and Pop/Paddle Tennis and even Racquetball players have gotten introduced to a new sport.
Well step aside Pickleball and a new kid on the block could be emerging and its called SPEC TENNIS SPEC TENNIS its basically Pop or Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court.
I have not played it myself yet but I spoke with Nate Gross recently and he thinks we will be seeing alot of Spec Tennis in the years to come.
Nate is a 27 yr old full time teaching pro in the Concord Californian area and is a driving force of getting the word out about Spec Tennis.
So if Pickleball didn’t seem like a sport for you for whatever reason and Paddle Tennis did seem like a better fit for you but it was difficult to find a court to play on Spec Tennis deserves a look.
We are currently experimenting with a few types if paddles to see what models and composition of paddles might best suite this new sport.
We will keep you informed of our relationship with SPEC Tennis and How it Grows..Stay Tuned..thx..john

13 Oct


Nate Pagel the top racquet technician for the USRSA recently sent us an email about his testing of the XTP Tennis Butt Cap and it was very favorable indeed.He was impressed how stable the cap performed specifically on some Head racquets he modified with XTP, he also applied it to some Wilson racquets and likewise had good results.
Nate has recently finished a write up article about using the XTP and we hope the next issue of Tennis Industry Magazine will have Nate’s full article.
We here at paddles4less.com.and racquets4less.com do appreciate the help the USRSA has givin answering questions from the many players/installers customizing with our product we feel every Tennis Shop should be stocking the XTP cap and for thr price of a string job they can now stretch a customers racquet easily half an inch with our Patented new XTP end cap.
We also recently talked with a distributor in Canada and hope to secure a direct retail outlet up that way so stay tuned Canada.
More and more players are finding out about the Longer-Stretched racquet frames and advantages even what half an inch extension can do for a racquet..
I have sent Nate a few photos of XTP that he requested for the upcoming article..and I am posting them here.yours truly john of XTP Sports Products.

More players using xtp to stretch their game.

16 Sep

More Photos for XTP Tennis Butt Caps

XTP Tennis Butt cap

More sizes more users for XTP Tennis butt cap

L0/1,L2,L3,L4 now in 4 different sizes

We are posting even more photos of the newest way to customize tennis racquets,pickleball paddles,paddle tennis paddles.
We are known worldwide as the only product to offer such an easy fix to stretching that racquet or paddle easily adding half an inch.
If you have a removable factory butt cap on your racket or paddle you can install the xtp to get maximum performance.
And with our patented design butt cap and our patented “Heatfit” installation application to get that needed secure fit on any octagon shaped handle we can fit any make and manufacture model racquet or paddle.
XTP Tennis Butt cap

Racquets or paddles extend your game.

14 Sep

XTP Tennis Butt Cap Photos & Tennis Industry Magazine

XTP Tennis Butt CAP can add lenght to ANY racquet or paddle by installing the XTENDED TENNIS Product,XTP.

Tennis Industry Magazine features XTP Tennis butt cap

We are very plessed with feedback of so many many Tennis,Pickleball and Paddle Tennis players with the use of XTP tennis butt caps…
We are showing some photos of how the cap does slightly build up the gripsize on the portion of the grip it slides over,so be aware the slight expansion of the grip as you install the XTP cap.
Some players notice this build up and would prefer it not do this but some players actually like the slight build up.
Either way its the a very very easy way to add lenght to any Racquet or Paddle on the market.

Extend your racquet and expand you Game.Xtp Tennis Butt Cap.

WITH THE HELP OF THE USRSA The United States Racquet Stringers Association we here at Paddles4less,Racquets4less have been able to help Tennis Shops and Players easily install and modify racquets by using the XTP tennis butt caps A BIG THANK YOU TO USRSA FOR YOUR HELP..Tennis Industry Magazine ad

13 Aug


Pickleball keeps on keepin on,,we continue to see so very much growth in this reletivly new sport,,it seems everytime you turn around you see new courts and meet new players.
It was only 2 years ago when i first really started playing pickleball that whenever I would go to Santa Barbara they had just installed 4 temporary courts at the Satnta Barbara Municiple Tennis facility,,Now they have 8 permanent courts..
I also want to let you locals in the San Fernando Valley know about MaryAnn Colandro who also is now teaching pickleball in Sherman Oaks at a private court and does group lesson at very affordable cost she has a website www.pickleballclasses.com,she can also set you up with XTP paddles and Very inexpensive starter nets so you can play at home-in your back yard,in your driveway,on your patio,at local park,a link to her site is listed below.
Also George Aballi at ConnectiontoCruises.com is putting together a pickleball cruise leaving out of Long Beach and will go to Santa Barbara then to Ensenada Mexico that will feature pickleball stops.Www.pickleballclasses.com

01 Aug

XTP 33mm Venice Paddles 2 new Colors

Newest XTP Paddle/Pop Tennis Paddle arrives Fall 2018,,18.4 inch stretch model. MEDIUM CORE EVA-Is Going To Rock!!!!

Ok,OK so the “Neon Orange and Neon Red” XTP 33mm paddle Was a Great success and Paddles4less is Building on that for 2018/19.
We have 2 new versions of the Most Popular XTP 33mm Venice paddle ever created.
We have the Neon “Yellow and Black” XTP 33mm Venice paddle arrives in Fall of 2018.
And we have the “forest Green and Neon Green” XTP 33mm Venice Paddle also.
Both new colors will be stretch versions at 18.4 inches long,and will have an extra 20% MORE GRITTY TEXTURE FOR SPIN.Both models will also feature a slightly softer eva core foam for power and both will have a L1-4 1/8 size grip.
We are always finding ways of improving on the XTP Venice line of Pop/Paddle Tennis Paddles at paddles4less and with our durable carbon weave construction we find OUR Paddles The Most Durable Paddles in the game for Wide Body Paddles,,Many other brands costing much much more and far less durable than the XTP line of paddles.
The Rough Hybrid 33mm XTP Venice is the most popular paddle ever created strickly for the sport of Paddle and Pop Tennis,,after many players not wanting so much power like in the 38mm style Spanish Padel paddles we at Paddles4less realized the 33mm at 340 to 345 grams was Powerful and controlable,with a textured face that most 38mm do not offer,we have created the very best of paddle equipment for Paddle Tennis or as it is now called in some circles Pop Tennis,but either way XTP IS the inovator of tbe widebody paddles to the sport.
So check out these 2 new versions and UP your game.These paddles can be purchased with or without a full thermal XTP paddle cover,we find that offering the paddle cover as an add on keeps from many players not needing or wanting a paddle cover from simply tbrowing an unwanted cover away,,we here at Paddles4less are looking out for our customers and our enviromental land fill savings,Win Win..
And as always we include a FREE strip of Rim Protection Tape with every XTP paddle sold.
We thank you for your continued support of Paddles4less..Truly..john r.keller

24 Jul

USRSA is testing the XTP tennis butt cap

With all the buzz about our new PATENDED product XTP Xtended Tennis Product and all the feedback from players and installers around the workd now using XTP on Tennis racquets,pickleball paddles and paddle tennis paddle and even Spanish Padel paddles.
These are players wanting to add a little extra overall lenght to their racquets and paddles,we thought the best way to also get an unbiased opinion of our product.
The USRSA The United States Racquet Stringers Association did agree to test our new product,now their results are not yet know to us but they called our product Very Unique in an email and had not befor seen a product like the XTP..
The USRSA has already been taking great questions that we get from players and installers all over tbe world and we want to thank them for their knowledge with these questions

We want to thank the United States Racquet Stringers Association testing XTP Tennis butt cap.

We here at Paddles4less will be placing a small ad in the Sept.issue of Tennis Industry Magazine just befor the start of the US OPEN TENNIS TOURNAMENT and hope to get XTP product in front of many new people and feel confident many Tennis Shops will start stocking the product and offer installation for their customers also.
Here is a rough copy of ad that is being published..

23 Mar

XTP Xtended Tennis Product-With HeatFit Tech.all sizes in stock

What is patented HeatFit technology=its the process of heating the XTP special compound plastic up to 155 degrees to slightly expand and soften the XTP so it fits tightly and conforms to any mfg.octagon shaped handel on tennis racquets or paddles.For those that do not have a heat gun,SIMPLY POP THE XTP CAP IN YOUR OVEN AT 155 DEGREES FOR 5 MINUTES THIS DOES A GREAT JOB FOR HEAT FITTING XTP/no need to own a heat gun..

OK players we now have all sizes L0/1,L2,L3,L4–IN STOCK this new improved version has a better bottom flair for a conventional tennis grip feel–ALSO these new models have the HeatFit Patented way of getting the best secure fit on most ANY racket or paddle-as we know each manufacturers idea of a certain size varies slightly but With HeatFit we adjust to many many different mfg.racquets or paddles-by simply heating our unique compound plastic XTP cap we can slide on then when cool you get the best fit possible.


XTP xtended tennis product extends any racquet or paddle easily.

21 Mar

XTP Tennis Butt caps in all sizes


Xtp Xtended Tennis Product

Xtp xtended tennis product extends any tennis racquet or paddle easily.

….we can fit any racquet or paddle L0,L1,L2,L3,L4…for those players wanting to STRETCH THAT FRAME 1/2 inch or slightly mote.