23 Mar

XTP Xtended Tennis Product-With HeatFit Tech.all sizes in stock

OK players we now have all sizes L0,L1,L2,L3,L4–IN STOCK this new improved version has a better bottom flair for a conventional tennis grip feel–ALSO these new models have the HeatFit Patented way of getting the best secure fit on most ANY racket or paddle-as we know each manufacturers idea of a certain size varies slightly but With HeatFit we adjust to many many different mfg.racquets or paddles-by simply heating our unique compound plastic XTP cap we can slide on then when cool you get the best fit possible.


XTP xtended tennis product extends any racquet or paddle easily.

21 Mar

XTP Tennis Butt caps in all sizes


Xtp Xtended Tennis Product

Xtp xtended tennis product extends any tennis racquet or paddle easily.

….we can fit any racquet or paddle L0,L1,L2,L3,L4…for those players wanting to STRETCH THAT FRAME 1/2 inch or slightly mote.

31 Jan

XTP Tennis Butt cap ALL sizes in stock L0 thru L4

Tennis butt caps

The NEW Improved XTP XTENDED TENNIS PRODUCT-*Pat.Pending* butt caps are in stock-and we have all sizes L0/1-L2_LL3-L4..with the overwhelming success of this new innovative product that EASILY lets you add an EXTRA 1/2 inch or slightly more length to a Tennis racquet,Paddle Tennis paddle,Pickleball paddle just by removing the factory butt cap and installing the XTP cap–now with “HEATFIT” installation that helps fit ANY racquet or paddle mfg.size…WILSON- we can get a true fit on any mfg.handle now*Pat.Pending*..we are now offering International shipping on site,,,So if you always wanted to play with the STRETCH model racquets or Paddles here is your chance just by adding the XTP CAP.

Tennis butt caps

Tennis butt caps


24 Feb

New L3 XTP Xtended Tennis product buttcap now in.

With lots of interest in the XTP Xtended Tennis Product[Patent Pending] product butt cap-in particular with TENNIS PLAYERS wanting that EXTRA 1/2 inch added to normal 27 inch tennis racquets-you can now add an EXTRA 1/2 with only substituting the XTP buttcap on the end of the racquet-you can even get another 1/4 inch on top of that by adding a small 1/4 inch spacer into the cap adding to the standard 1/2 inch design-so total 3/4 inch with more modification-past and current GREATS that have played with STRETCH model tennis racquets include Michael Chang-Andy Roddick-Jaun Martin Del Potro -Rafael Nadal=JUST TO NAME A FEW==give a player a little more height when striking serve-Wilson-Babolat-Head-Dunlop-Yonex-Prince.-we are launching a info page about the XTP cap at www.tennisbuttcap.com that has more info and soon the launch a Utube video on easy how to install on a racket or paddle–Its very easy just remove current butt cap and install XTP-for that STRETCH racquet you always wanted to play with-these can be purchased in single 1-or two 2-or three 3 pack here on paddles4less site”.DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME-EXCLUSIVE OF WE racquets4less/paddles4less sites. .CURRENTLY have L2 41/4 and L3 4 1/4 factory thinner molded beveled caps in stockand have older style L4 4 1/2 cap in bulkier 3D printer version only-but will soon have more sizes in thinner molded version.

Tennis butt caps

ldedTennis butt caps


09 Sep

XTP HEADBANDS now in STOCK 2.25ea $ave**

2016-09-02-xtp-b-01Whatever you playing Paddle Tennis-Pop Tennis/Racquetball/Tennis/Badminton/Pickleball/Cycling/Hiking/Spanish Padel ANY THING THAT HAS TO DO WITH GETTING A GREAT WORKOUT DESERVES THE XTREME TEMPRATURE PROTECTION -XTP HEADBAND,comes in the three color schemes shown.BLACK/WHITE–BLACK/RED–PINK-WHITE/RED..only 2.25 each with any purchase over 35.00 free s/h.  80% cotton-20%  stretch nylon..

09 Sep


With recent media exposure to POP Tennis in the Dallas Texas area and Miami Beach are,we are seeing more and more players embracing POP Tennis…Lots of new players coming over from Tennis and a lot of pickleball players now experiencing Pop Tennis,,,,thx,john

15 Jul

Get POP ing with the Pop Tennis-but keep any eye out for Pickleball in Venice beach

paddle_2Wilsons-2014-15-Pickleball-Paddle-LineWell we are seeing more and more new players asking and playing POP TENNIS/Paddle Tennis,alot because of the GREAT media coverage Ken Lindner has been getting for the sport,,but a lot of the old school Paddle Tennis pLayers are still asking whats is PoP Tennis-well its Paddle Tennis without the Bucket Line,,and as most regular players know we here in Venice beach can Play both versions and enjoy both…It does seem less confusing for Newbies to play the NO BUCKET-POP TENNIS RULES,,but as we gain players to our courts I feel that we will not lose the Bucket Style play,,,,,NOW on another note for all the PLayers that have heard so much about the NEW SPORT OF PICKLEBALL-its been around since the mid 1960s and Across the USA has a much larger Playership than POP/Paddle Tennis,I want to let you folks know about the FREE PICKLEBALL clinics held on Tuesday and Thursday morning at Venice Beach from aprox,8am till noon,,so if you want to pick up a new sport that is very similar to Pop/Paddle Tennis come check out Pickleball—-IT is my feeling that we need to integrate these 2 fun paddle sports and GROW them together-they can very easily be played on the same court with minor court adjustments,,and across the USA there are 10 to 1 ratio of more pickleball courts than Pop/Paddle Tennis courts so the chance of finding a Pop/Paddle court in the Midwest are not very good, there is a very good chance you will find Pickleball–THIS is not a competition were Pickleball vs Paddle/Pop it a chance for Both sports to find new players for their sport

23 Jun

Tis the Season Paddle Tennis/Pop Tennis

Summer is here and with the POP TENNIS Nationals just finishing in late May in ST.Agustine FL.and the launch of the rebranding of the game of Paddle Tennis to Pop Tennis,with all the great media coverage Ken Lindner is getting for the sport of Pop Tennis,thanks for this Ken,,,keep in mind the Pop Tennis is Paddle Tennis with the NO BUCKET rules,,,,there is still traditional Paddle Tennis with BUCKET rule in place still being played,but the new players to the game seem to be less confused with the NO BUCKET rules in place,but once these new players try the Bucket rule game I think they will like the Bucket rules also..The 9 year old Avatar Duong who has been featured on several TV spots promoting Pop Tennis really likes the the new XTP Orange 33mm Venice paddle,look for him if you make it down to Venice, he is a trip to hit with and only 9 years old…thanks,john of PADDLES4LESS

22 May

Paddles4less up and Running,XTP Venice paddles

So the Paddle Tennis/Pop Tennis season is now getting under way,,with the Nationals being held this weekend in St.Augustine Florida and many players have traveled from Los Angeles to compete in this Tournament,,,,A little change of name this year as the Tournament is being called the POP TENNIS Nationals in an effort to Rebrand our sport and bring some new blood into our game,,,With all the growth we have seen in the sport of Pickleball we in Paddle Tennis/Pop Tennis see the potential of how many players young and older want to be out there on the courts,,,,,With that said the new XTP Pickleball paddle is a great addition to the XTP paddle line,along with the Wilson 38mm XTP paddles and of coarse the very popular XTP Venice hybrid 33mm with texture bringing a whole new dimension to the sport of Paddle/Pop Tennis ,,and if the old school players just find it to hard to control the wider bodied paddles XTP offers the Ultimate Control Hybrid the XTP 29mm-has great control but still offers a lot of PUNCH,,,so lets see what this summer brings to our new Branding of the great paddle sport of Paddle Tennis with the name of Pop.XTP-Venice-Solergy-no-coverxtp_paddle_2