28 Apr

Spec Tennis Paddles are Paddle Tennis Paddles & Vice Versa.

If you have Spec Tennis paddles, then you also have Paddle Tennis Paddle,and can play both sports.

But if your playing Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court it must be the old school thinner beamed paddle no thicker than 14mm.And all Spec tennis paddles are no thicker than 14mm.

And both Spec Tennis and Paddle Tennis on a pickleball court us the Orange Dot Tennis low pressure ball.

Spec or Paddle Tennis on a pickleball court use the low pressure Orange Dot ball.
Wilson the Official Orange Dot Spec Tennis Ball,low compression medium bounce. At Paddles4less.

Here are a few examples of thinner beamed paddles that work for both.Paddle Tennis on Pickleball court or Spec Tennis.

We Have Wilson Paddles that work so well for Spec Tennis. And when you purchase any 4 paddles you get the Free Wilson 20ft starter net free & 3 free Orange dot Tennis balls.
All you need to Play at home .
Incredible value to.get the whole family playing Spec Tennis.Our Cornavirus stay at home Special with free Wilson starter net & 3 Orange Dot balls only 169.99.free shipping in USA.
Get free Wilson 20ft starter net with 4 paddle purchase. And get 3 Orange dot Spec Tennis balls included.
Ultimat Wilson control paddle K Pro Staff paddle. 365g .
A Woman Spec Tennis paddle from Wilson. The K Hope.
355 gram lite fast durable Spec Tennis paddle. Wilson
380g K Power Spec Tennis paddle Wilson.
Heavy Hitting Spec Tennis paddle 390g Oversize head.Blitz.
The Xcel Perfect LITE Paddle ,this paddle works for both Spec & Paddle Tennis. LOTS OF TEXTURE ON THIS MODEL-KILLER GRIT TEXTURE.
We have a Spec Tennis Paaddle link only link www.spectennispaddle.com
19 Apr

Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court is still Paddle Tennis, and Spec Tennis.

Check out The United States Paddle Tennis Association.
Get so much value for 4 Paddles and a free Wilson 20ft starter net. For playing paddle Tennis. Stay at home.

With 15000 Pickleball courts now available Paddle Tennis can grow along with it.

If you like playing Pickleball we think it’s about time you found out about the great sport of Paddle Tennis.

And you can play Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court with a few slight adjustments. Use the Orange Dot low pressure tennis ball when playing Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court,same as Spec Tennis.

WILSON Orange Dot low pressure ball for Paddle Tennis on a pickleball court.
Wilson the Official Orange Dot Spec Tennis Ball,low compression medium bounce. At Paddles4less.

Venice Beach California is the Mecca for Paddle Tennis and we are seeing Pickleball players using the courts in Venice Beach to play Pickleball on,with a few slight adjustments Pickleball can be played on A Paddle Tennis court.

Spec Tennis is also catching on and the same paddles can be used in Paddle Tennis or Spec Tennis. The thinner beamed graphite paddles have less noise and slow the game down slighly to keep the ball in play on the slightly smaller Pickleball court.

So try playing some Paddle Tennis on one of the now 15000 courts around the country.

We also recommend staying at home thru the Coronavirus times and currently we are offering a free Wilson 20ft starter net with 4 Paddles purchase. Set this portable net up in your driveway, driveway,playground,and Paddle Tennis is much seasier to learn than Tennis and is very great exercise for older and younger players

Www.spectennispaddle.com. http://Www.spectennispaddle.com

Is an info site for Spec Tennis.

Get free Wilson 20ft starter net with 4 paddle purchase. And 3 Orange dot Spec Balls.
02 Jan

Paddle into 2020 with Paddle Sports,Paddle Tennis,Pop Tennis, Pickleball, Spec Tennis.

We have lots of new ways to pick up a new paddle sport now in 2020.

Paddle tennis on a pickleball court is growing paddle awareness.

We have Paddle Tennis,Pop Tennis,Pickleball and Spec Tennis and Paddkes4less has all these types of paddles.

And get the official Wilson Orange Dot ball with any 4 paddles.Paddle Tennis or Spec Tennis on a pickleball court uses this ball.

We can offer great advice feel free to call us.

With all these paddles what paddles work for each sport,what paddle can work for several of these sports,as some paddles cross over and can work well in several sports,Even Platform Tennis,so give us a call 8186253634.thx .john of Paddles4less.com and happy 2020.

19 Sep

Some info on Spec Tennis Paddles.

We here at Paddles4less are always looking for the next new thing in Paddle sports.

And we have been getting alot of questions about Spec Tennis-Spec Tennis is basically Paddle or Pop Tennis on a Pickleball court.With the tremendous growth in pickleball ,there are now over 15000 courts nationwide but unfortunately Paddle Tennis never had the luxury of that many courts so it has stayed sonewhat contained to California New York and Florida.

But Spec Tennis has taken the next step to allow another sport to utilized the Pickleball craze. And one if the major complaints with Pickleball is the NOISE it creates with the striking of the plastic ball and many feel A very annoying sound ,especially to Tennis players. Well Spec Tennis uses a orange dot depresurize felt tennis ball similar to the depresurize felt tennis ball used in Paddle and Pop Tennis so the NOISE factor is FAR less,and in Spec Tennis a thinner beamed paddle of only 3/4 inch thickness is allowed, and Spec Tennis is not allowed to use the Thicker Spanish Padel style paddles that have taken over in the sport of Paddle Tennis and Pop Tennis. The thicker 29mm,33mm and 38mm thicker paddles create more of a louder popping noise and a much harder more powerful ball that is NOT allowed in Spec Tennis.

The reason we expect Spec Tennis to grow is the fact that many Tennis playethealso do not want to play Pickleball for whatever their reasons ,,but feel more inclined to want to play Paddle Tennis and now Spec Tennis.

We offer several very good options of paddles to play Spec Tennis with , we currently have the new Green,Silver Spec Tennis paddle ,Or we have several options of the Wilson Platform Tennis paddles .the -Xcel,Champ,K Power,K Hope ,K Prostaff and Blitz,and all of these models are on the lighter side of 380g except the Blitz with is 390g.

All of the above Wilson paddles have LOTS of texture on the face of the paddle for ultimate spin and ball control, and all of these paddles can also be used in the sports of Paddle Tennis and Pop Tennis, although the majority of Pop and Paddle Tennis players use the wider body 29mm,33,and 38mm but there are still many top level players that continue to use the thin beamed paddles because they like the control of these paddles.

We think Spec Tennis will catch on and grow simply because even Pickleball players will want to mix it up from time to time and want an option from only playing Pickleball and Spec Tennis is fun and challenging,and it will also attract many Tennis players that dont feel Pickleball is for them and Spec is a bit more like conventional Tennis.

Both Spec Tennis and Paddle Tennis on a pickleball court use the low pressure Orange Dot ball.

Xcel,Champ,K Power,Spec green-silver,K Hope,Blitz,K Prostaff, all great Spec Tennis paddles that can also be used for Paddle Tennis and Pop Tennis.

Get 3 free Wilson Orange Dot Spec Tennis balls with any 4 Spec Tennis paddles. At Paddles4less .
14 May

Is an Extended-longer tennis racquet a benefit .

Players looking to extend a normal 27 inch tennis racquet wonder if going to 27.5 inch ,or 27.5 going to 28 inch or even longer can help their game.

Michael Chang in the 80s really put the longer frame racquets in the mainstream eye.Since then they kind of fell out of favor once Chang retired.

But lately of the last several years longer frames are being used by alot of top level players and many manufacturers are again making longer than normal 27 inch models.

We hear Sarena Williams is in fact now playing with a 28 inch Wilson extended frame.

We get alot of the “Do it Yourselfers” wanting to take a factory racquet be it 27 or 27.25 or 27.5 inch and want to -Tinker It – and customize at least 1 racquet they own to get the feel of a longer than normal racquet without having to purchase another racquet or go thru alot of work to STRETCH a normal frame.

(The XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap extender can add lenght to any racquet or paddle that has a removable butt cap)

So the XTP Xtended Tennis Product is getting its chance in the new era of stretch frame racquets.

Our current Patented design XTP tennis butt cap gives a user half an inch extension, now some users that have purchased multiple caps over the past year tell us they are in fact getting a full inch of extension on some frames they are customizing, but we do not tell users that this is normal for our current model XTP cap that is in production. We should be able to offer another version of our current Patented cap later in 2019.But keep in mind some players that are wanting to extend LESS and only want say 3/8 inch or even just 1/4,and even made our half inch model work for them by cutting and notching the + shape in the bottom of their racquet handle slightly thus sliding our cap further on for less of an extension.

There are alot of players doing alot of different things with the XTP cap and players that have gotten the full 1 inch extension are sometimes glueing a bottom piece of material on their current racquet handle BEFOR installing the XTP cap, so in fact they are befor say adding a 1/4 or 3/8 piece of say balsa wood or pine wood befor installing XTP to get that maximum length racquet that they always wanted to try.

It is legal to play with up to a 29 inch tennis racquet frame but very very few players are wanting this kind of a monster to swing.

Now using a pneumatic stapler can help get the maximum extension and get the secure solid fit needed as a longer racquet is created from extending it with XTP butt cap. But many people do not have access to this,so we have found that by using a heavy duty manual stapler can work also in securing the XTP cap.

And always plan on using HeatFit process by heating cap to 155 degrees in your oven or simply putting in boiling water or if a heat gun is available, this expands and softens the cap so it’s much more workable on all the different shaped octagonal grips manufacturers make..

And to always use a slightly FLEXIBLE rubber cement as your adhesive when installing. NOT SUPER GLUE.

And now that you have extended that racquet to the length your looking for .How does it play ?You can now get more height and improve your serve, are your baseline shots generating more speed and spin.Extended racquets are not for everyone but they definatly seem to be back in the game again and strecthing one yourself is simple with the XTP tennis butt cap.

If you still have questions about the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap feel free to contact us.And any tennis shops wondering about stocking the XTP we have wholesale prices on 10 pieces or more.

And for all the Picklball players wondering about stretching a paddle for that sport ,yes the XTP cap will easily work on the pickleball equipment. But make sure to measure your paddle to make sure its considered a legal lenoth if playing in sanctioned pickleball tournaments once extended.

The Longer-Stretch racquet frame has many benefits and is back in action! Extend your racquet and Expand your tennis or paddle game!

We also have multiple YouTube videos posted online, just Google XTP tennis butt cap videos and find the XTP YouTube channel we have created.

The XTP tennis butt cap now being sold worldwide.

22 Apr

Extended Tennis Butt cap.

Well we just keep getting more positive feedback on the Extended or Extender or Xtended Butt cap product for tennis racquets or pickleball, paddle tennis, pop tennis even squash and badminton racquets.

XTP can also extend Pickleball paddle easily half inch.

The Patented XTP Xtended Tennis Product can do it all ,with only removing the factory butt cap from the handle anyone with some customization skills can now add 1/2 inch or slightly more,,Some users tell me they are getting a full inch by using a small spacer on the bottom and the Using a pneumatic stapler to get the secure fit needed.

Keep in mind the factory XTP cap is designed for Half Inch but some users are getting more,and we find most users are only wanting half inch extension.

We will soon be launching a short 35 second animated video to players looking for a product like XTP, and we grabbed a screen shot of it here.

We also are looking to partner with a large Racquet manufacturer to put our new Patented XTP TAPER SYSTEM into production,we see great value in having a exclusive Tennis racquet line that will come with multiple length XTP butt caps so the player can switch these as they want to lengthen a racquet say anywhere between 1/8 up to say 2 full inches.

Yes there are some real racket tinkeres or tweakers out there wanting up to 2 full inches and the Patented Taper SYSTEM could offer this once in production.

We think all tennis shops should be stocking this product so they can easily stretch a customers racquet at the same time restringing the racquet.

14 Feb

Tips on Installing the XTP Tennis Butt cap.

In this post we will give more tips on how to best install the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap.

. FIRST make sure to know what size grip tennis racquet or paddle you have,as this is important to ordering the correct size butt cap you will need.

Your racquet or paddle will be size L0 to say L5,now L0 is 4.0, L1 is 4 1/8 ,L2 is 4 1/4, L3 Is 4 3/8 , L4 is 4 1/2 and L5 is 4 5/8.

Now we currently have 4 sizes in stock L0/1, L2,L3,and L4 we do not currently make an L5 cap but many players have very easily fitted our size L4 cap on the L5 racquets using Heatfit process. So if you have an L5 racquet we very much think our L4 cap can work for you.

Also we always suggest our Patented HeatFit process of softening and expanding our plastic urethane XTP cap to get best fit and it is easier if there is much resistance in getting cap completely on the racquet handle. HeatFit is to heat the cap up by heat gun,or just putting the cap in oven at 155 degrees for 5 minutes or just put into boiling water for several minutes.Heating the cap up both expands and softens the cap for better fit.And because there are SO MANY different shapes of octagonal grips with The XTP one size fits Any manufacturers racquet such as Wilson,Head,Babolat, Prince,Yonex,Dunlop,Pro Kennex,Gamma,Technifibre,and more.

Patented HeatFit process of heating XTP Tennis Butt Cap up to 155 degrees with heat gun or in oven or boiling water.

Another very important thing is to use a slightly FLEXIBLE rubber or silicone cement like Gorilla Clear Grip glue .It is important that whatever glue is used it be slightly Flexible as any racquet needs to flex slightly ,..SO SUPER GLUE DOES NOT WORK WELL!

And last if you still need to secure the cap even further you can use a staple gun to RE-Staple the cap again like from factory,if you do not have a staple gun many Tennis shops can staple these for you. Normally 2 staples is sufficient.

And after reading all our tips for properly installing the XTP cap you do not want to install yourself many tennis shops can install for you at a cost.And if you look on our dealer locator page you maybe able to find a Tennis shop that already stocks the XTP and you can get our caps from the shop and have them also install.

Also another tip for installation is that the XTP cap will slightly build up the portion of the grip it fits on,so some users are now filing down that section of the grip to the next size down then purchasing next size smaller cap so a 0 zero build up feel is attained. But with most users the build up feel is not an issue.

The XTP does slightly build up section of grip it slides over.

We also want to thank again the USRSA-The United States Racquet Stringers Association for play testing/and installing the XTP Xtended Tennis Product recently and answering many questions from users and tennis shop installers around the world.

As word gets out about the advantages of slightly stretching a racquet or paddle frame we get great feedback from users of the XTP tennis butt caps worldwide.

We also have several YouTube videos on installing techniques and benefits of using the XTP Tennis butt caps.

And feel free to call with any questions you still may have regarding the XTP tennis product or if you are a Tennis Shop wanting to get wholesale pricing and becoming a dealer/installer and listed on our dealer locator page.

24 Jan


We were first company making a Pop/Paddle tennis paddle only,,

Then we were the 1st to also making Pickleball along with Pop/Paddle tennis.

Now we Xpand again offering the 1st Spec Specific paddle along side our other paddles..X-Spec more from Us at Paddles4less.




And now Purchase any 4 Spec Tennis paddles get a free Wilson 20ft starter net and 3 free Wilson Orange Dot balls for Spec Tennis or Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court.

These Wilson Paddles can be used for Paddle Tennis on a pickleball court or Spec Tennis.