THE Long & Short of Pickleball Paddle grips.

THE Long & Short of Pickleball Paddle grips.

We at Paddles4less get lots of Questions about Pickleball stuff, Paddles,Balls,shoes,were to play, how to play-Yes I myself Play and Teach. Keep in mind Longer narrower or Shorter wider pickleball paddles many times are used differently depending on singles or doubles...

Xtp butt cap more users worldwide.

Xtp Xtended Tennis product butt cap on racquets and paddles. We think as the word gets out every Tennis shop in the world will stock the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap and will offer simple fast length customization for tennis and pickleball players. So very easy...

Well the Covid lockdown Worldwide Pandemic is still here,and lots of players have customized there racquets and paddles during this time with the XTP Xtended Tennis Product.

We know its neen tough not being on the courts either tennis or paddle or pickleball but everyone needs a rest now and again,and we here at XTP sports did notice many plsyers used this down time to examine and customize their iwn equipment.
Many players found out about the product XTP Xtended Tennis Product that by simply removing the factory butt cap off your racquet or paddle you can easily add an extra half inch to any manufacturer racquet or paddle thus making is a XL model and kind of supercharging the frame,As many of any pros are playing with XL longer racquets than the standard 27 inch long model.
Its legal to.plsy with a tennis frame up to 29 inches but most players only go to about 28 inches like Diego Schwartzman or Serena williams, Rafa Nadal plays with 27.5 and jovovich ls using 27.3 now himself.So when Michael Chang used his first 28 inch racquet in the 80s and 90s many players niw realize some benifits can be had by a slighly longer frame.
We have a distributor now in the UK and we have sent these butt caps to players now worldwide doing there own racquet and paddle customization.
You can also with our Heatfit technology process the XTP can fit any mfg.racquet or paddle.
And yes more and more pickleball players like a slightly longer handle and XTP adds half an inch to these paddles also.