With more players utilizing longer racquets in TENNIS,longer than the standard 27 inch frames it only goes to reason now pickleball players and Pop-Paddle Tennis players want the slightly Xtended grip on a paddle also.

When I designed the Patented XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap it was because several years ago the sport of Paddle Tennis starting to allow slighlty longer Paddles into the sport,and so I was amazed to see no company like Wilson,Head,Babolat,Prince or any other large mfg.that did not offer a butt cap that could slightly add overall length to a tennis frame by this simple modification of removing the factory butt cap and installing a extended cap.But there was NOTHING on the market so I proceeded to design and prototype a cap for my own XTP line of Paddles knowing that once in production the real sales and market would be in the Tennis Industry for the many many players intrested in customizing and extending their racquets for maximum performance.

Fits ANY tennis racquet.

Most common misconceptions center around the fact that it is Totally legal to play in tournament play with tennis rackets up to 29 inches in length, but most all companies call the standard adult racket 27 inches long.


Michael Chang was probably the 1st highly successful player to use,and win a grand slam event using a XL extra long racket,and once he did this many many players at that time wanted to know about this phenomenon of the XL tennis frame.And there were racquet customizers getting alot of work stretching racquets for players,then the manufacturers really started to offer version of popular rackets in XL versions,and many of these rackets were popular and successful.

The 2nd most popular length in Adult size racket we find now is 27.5 so our current design XTP cap is only designed to give .5 inch of added length, but some users have reported more than half and inch with slight modifications again.Or some players wanting say a 28 inch frame would in fact purchase a factory say 27.5 XL racquet and then install a XTP cap making it a 28 inch frame.

Bottom line is the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap does work on both Tennis racquets and Paddles as long as its an Octagon 8 sided 0handle configuration, we have not found any racquets or paddles with octagonal shape the cap has not fitted.

We offer currently 5 sizes of caps and these are L0,L1,L2,L3,L4 .We must tell you it is important to get a good snug fit for optimum performance on the cap.Our L0 cap tho will only fit L0 4.0 grips ,so it will only fit the smallest of 4.0 grips,,IF your fitting a L1 4 1/8 grip its going to need our L1 size cap. L2,L3 and L4 caps run pretty much to size,but on any XTP cap once installed the user will feel a slight build up on the grip were the cap fits over the handle section.

The XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap will slightly build up the diameter of the Paddle or Racket then taper again to factory L2 ,or L3,or whatever factory size your installing on.

We are now currently working with Wilson Sporting Goods with our own exclusive collection of USA Made Pickleball XTP Xtended grip pickleball paddles, the Juice the Juice XL and Echo models, these come in factory standard length or Xtended versions with our Xtended cap installed. We now Also offer a 38mm Pop/Paddle Tennis paddle customized with the XTP butt cap,the Wilson Slash Lite 2.0 long 18.5 inch version.

This particular Wilson Pickleball the USA made XTP Echo has a 6.1 inche grip with the XTP butt cap installed. Many 2 handed players like the Xtended version..


You can install the XTP butt cap on Padel Paddles adding half an inch making them Pop Tennis Paddles.