I recently was in Santa Barbara California again ,and lately,it seems I’m now teaching pickleball as much as playing these days and a person I often see at the courts at Muni is Meganne Forbes.

Now when I first met Meganne several years ago she seemed like a newbie to the sport but there was no one that seemed like they were enjoying the game of pickleball more,except maybe myself, or maybe I just enjoy it more when I’m in Santa Barbara??Anyhow about 5 months ago Meganne asked to take a lesson with me and we went over alot of stuff but I’m very diligent about *stroke mechanics* and these mechanics can be a little dry sometimes in the lessons but thats what I stressed to her then,but we still had alot of laughs and she mentioned at the end she was writing a book about Pickleball.

Well about 3 weeks ago I’m in Santa Barbara again and see her at the Muni courts one day and she says she has finished her book about pickleball and she wants to take another lesson and she mentions that I’m quoted in her book so we trade lesson for book almost straight across, and I see ‘The joy of Pickleball’ thru Megannes eyes in this book of hers.

She has alot of helpful tips from many people and players,but my biggest take away on reading 365 Days of Inspired Pickleball is how she ENJOYS the game, it is just a Game. For older or younger,the experienced or novice, lower or upper level players. Sometimes I can forget that the game is for my Good Health-physically, mentally,spiritually-1st and foremost. Thanks for writing this 365 days of a daily guide to enjoying the journey of pickleball ..truly john.