Since the 2020 Pandemic many indoor gyms cut back on use and many people went Outdoors for activities to get in Much Needed Ecxercise..Keeping distance and still able to have some great fun Paddle Sports saw alot of new players.

I know at my local nearest courts in Sherman Oaks and also in Santa Barbara and Venice Beach were busy,although all of these publuc courts were shut down totally at times.

We here at Paddles4less saw also many families setting up temporary home courts in driveways,backyards,playgrounds or in quiet streets.We did and still do offer free starter net deals on multiple Paddle purchase were a free net was included.So lets hope the Paddle Sports Awareness continues going forward.Nothing like fresh air and good friends and good company.

Pickleball probably saw the most growth as more younger players are finding out how fast it is to get good at a new sport can be,yet Pickleball can be very competitive and intense.

So a sport like Paddle Tennis is a slightly faster game using a deflated-depresurized tennis ball can be a bit intimidating since there’s no restraint/kitchen line keeping players away from the volleys at the net.Mostly Paddle or now Pop Tennis is localized in Souther California or Florida or parts of East Coast,but I would encourage all Pickleball players to try Playing some Paddle Pop Tennis if they can find a court.

Now the Paddle Sport that is the Newest we have seen growth in is Spec Tennis and Basically its Paddle Tennis on the Pickleball court Www.specteennispaddle.com since a Pickleball court is slightly/ 6 feet shorter than a standard Paddle Tennis court-The Regulation Style Paddles used are the thinner beamed graphite paddles that offer more control less power for the slightly smaller Pickleball court, and since these paddles are not the thick noisy Padel Pop Tennis paddles there’s less noise,and the depressurized tennis ball even cuts the noise factor down even more,and many clubs and facilities limit Pickleball whereas they do not mind Spec Tennis less noise activity.

USA MADE Wilson XTP Xtended Grip pickleball paddles have Xtended Grip.
thes Paddles are the thinner Beamed Platform Tennis style paddles that are NOT the thicker noisy Pop Tennis or Spanish Padel 38mm,33mm,29mm,the thinner beamed regulation Spec Tennis Paddle is no thicker than 14mm.

Now the other factor in Spec Tennis it is a Felt style depresurized tennis ball that is used So Having Texture on the face of the thinner beamed paddle is important since spinning and Working the ball is key.

We hope you get a chance to try out Spanish Padel although its still somewhat harder to find a Padel court here in the USA and it is growing but not like some other paddle sports.

Pop TennisWww.popte is a very fast paced in your face game that is slightly different than conventional Paddle Tennis that has been around for almost 100 years,but the big change came about 10 years ago with the introduction of the Wide Thicker 38mm,33mm 29mm style high power foam core paddles,Now with the introduction of Pop Tennis were its the same as Paddle Tennis but the “No Restraint” no bucket rule is allowed,it make for a game that is not quite as finesse as Paddle Tennis but its catching on,Although I myself still prefer the Conventional regulation Paddle TennisWww.xtreme game with the restraint line,I feel the rally’s are longer and with the Thicker style Padel powerful paddles most,not all players are using the No Bucket rule Pop Tennis rules can deter some players.

I myself play all the above Paddle Sports I’ve mentioned and i feel a player can in fact play all of the above sports and see the tactics and strategies needed .

Good Paddle Games ahead to all and we here at Paddles4less are willing to answer any about these Paddles used for these sports.truly.john of paddles4less.com

We have the XTP VENICE 33MM,29MM line of paddles we also Have the Wilson USA Made XTP Xtended Pickleball Paddle,, and we have Wilson Platform Tennis paddles and our Spec Tennis paddles that can actually be used for Paddle Tennis, Pop Tennis, Spec Tennis also, It sounds a but confusing but these paddle will cross over for certain Paddle Sports.

Feel free to call and ask questions about your journey in playing all these Paddle Sports. Truly.john of paddles4less.com

Here are some link to other sites we have about Paddles used for these sports.Spec Tennis Paddles are Paddle Tennis Paddles & Vice. Versa.Www.poptennispaddle.comWww.xtremetennispaddle.comWww.spectennis

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