WILSON SLASH LITE 2.0 38MM “PADEL” PADDLE 109.99 free shipping in USA

Original price was: $139.99.Current price is: $109.99.

Wilson Slash Lite 2.0 Padel Paddle 18 inch version at 355grams 4.0 gripsize,and lots of value only at paddles4less .
Only 109.99 free stock.

The Standard 18 inch Wilson Slash Lite 2.0 in stock here with 4.0 grip.Padel Paddle 38mm.

154 in stock (can be backordered)


The Standard 18 inch Padel version Wilson Slash Lite 2.0 in stock here with 4.0 grip.We also have the POP TENNIS or Paddle Tennis 18.5 version on our site..the 18 inch version is for Padel..Don’t be confused these are both Great Wilson Slash Paddles but for 2 separate paddle sports.

Another Exclusive top 38mm Wilson Padel Paddle,the Wilson Slash 2.0 Lite .

This Paddle is specifically designed for Padel and is 18 inches in lenght– ,IF YOUR LOOKING FOR THE WILSON SLASH 2.0 38MM POP/PADDLE TENNIS PADDLE THAT IS 18.5 IN LENGTH WE HAVE IT LISTED ON OUR SITE ALSO.

We have the Wilson Slash 2.0 Padel in 2 versions-this version is the standard 18 inch Padel length. For 109.99..WE ALSO CARRY THE 18.5 POP/PADDLE TENNIS VERSION FOR 119.99 ON THIS SITE.

The Slash Lite weight is a low 355 grams,balance of 275 ,with teardrop headhape with Wilson’s Sharphole Technology for ball bite-control,Carbon Fibre Construction and FiberGlas Face,core foam for consistency both power and control,aerodynamic tapered durability and wind resistance,with wrist lacer as required in Padel..Grip size is L0-4.0 for better wrist action. Synthetic wrap grip,and we also include rim protection tape for each paddle no charge..

Great Wilson “Padel Paddle” for 109.99 free shipping in USA. In Stock.

If your looking for the Modified Slash Lite 2.0 “Pop/Paddle Tennis Paddle”18.5 version we have it also on this site 119.99 free shipping.Remember this 38mm come in 2 versions-(The 18 inch standard Padel length version here for 109.99 And the stretch 18.5 Pop-Paddle Tennis version for 119.99) 2 slightly different versions.

The Wilson Slash Lite 38mm Paddle comes in 2 versions the Padel 18 standard length 109.99 and the STRETCH LONGBODY 18.5 Pop-Paddle Tennis version 119.99.


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