Wilson Jr Warrior Platform Paddles on sale as Pair-2

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  1. BUY TWO jr.Warrior paddles save 64

    Good for a Junior wanting to play Spec Tennis. But an Adult could use this also.

    64.99ea,,best price when buy 2.-a pair..129.98 free priority shipping. 

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Wilson-Junior-Warrior-PaddleWilson Jr Warrior Paddles. You save when purchasing TWO-a pair of the very popular Wilson Jr.Warrior Paddle/Pop/Platform Tennis paddle-this paddle can be used by a Jr.or adult in any of these 3 paddle sports..this paddle has True-Grit textured face for ball control and is on the light side at only 335g, has low density EVA foam for control. Wilson-Junior-Warrior-Paddle,,has a full standard size headshspe and is 16 inches in Length for easy handling by smaller player-Also a very durable paddle to get the jr.into the Game at very reasonable price,,of only 64.99 each when you purchase two paddles here and FREE S/H..and for those players just starting out pick up the STARTER NET for only 19.99 with this purchase…SO SAVE HERE ON TWO jr.WARRIOR WILSON PADDLES GET THOSE TWO JUNIOR PLAYERS IN THE GAME AT A GREAT PRICE.