Complete Pickleball -4 XTP Paddles-3 balls-Wilson Net


Complete set with 4 XTP carbon So.Cal.pickleball paddles-3 XTP outdoor balls-and the WILSON lightweight starter net..a 315.00 value-only 210.00 free s/h.

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YOU GET IT ALL 4 XTP So.Cal. composite Pickleball paddles-3 XTP OUTDOOR BALLS-and the WILSON LIGHTWEIGHT starter net-all for only 210.00–normally 315.00—with free s/h in USA–the are the top of the line XTP So.Cal.Graphite composite alum honeycomb core paddles with retail of 70.00 each-then 3 XTP 40 hole outdoor balls-and then combine that with the WILSON lightweight starter net-make for PICKLEBALL any  time any place-