Nate Pagel the top racquet technician for the USRSA recently sent us an email about his testing of the XTP Xtended Tennis Product-Butt Cap and it was very favorable indeed.The easiest way of adding half an inch or slightly more to any racquet lenght.

He was impressed how stable the cap performed specifically on some Head racquets he modified with XTP, he also applied it to some Wilson racquets and likewise had good results.
Nate has recently finished a write up article about using the XTP and we hope the next issue of Tennis Industry Magazine will have Nate’s full article.
We here at do appreciate the help the USRSA has givin answering questions from the many players/installers customizing with our product we feel every Tennis Shop should be stocking the XTP cap and for thr price of a string job they can now stretch a customers racquet easily half an inch with our Patented new XTP end cap.
We also recently talked with a distributor in Canada and hope to secure a direct retail outlet up that way so stay tuned Canada.
More and more players are finding out about the Longer-Stretched racquet frames and advantages even what half an inch extension can do for a racquet..
I have sent Nate a few photos of XTP that he requested for the upcoming article..and I am posting them here.yours truly john of XTP Sports Products.

More players using xtp to stretch their game.