Wilson Platform tennis balls PINK 15.99 free s/h w/purch


GET the best playing best lasting Platform tennis ball around from Wilson mfg..its Pink its brighter longer lasting perfect speed all levels of play,.I also have the YELLOW optic ballĀ  price 15.99,and free s/h with any paddle purchase.3 balls per tube..with paddle purchase only 15.99 limit 1 tube per each paddle purchase, limited stock on hand.

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Wilson Pink Hope Platform tennis balls. Get em here wilson platform tennis balls top of the line longer lasting better visability,and free s/h with any paddle purchase,and discounts ,I also have the OPTIC YELLOW PLATFORM BALL 15.99 with paddle purchase.with free S?H with any PADDLE PURCHASE..Limit 1 tube per each paddle purchase.limited stock on hand.

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