So the Paddle Tennis/Pop Tennis season is now getting under way,,with the Nationals being held this weekend in St.Augustine Florida and many players have traveled from Los Angeles to compete in this Tournament,,,,A little change of name this year as the Tournament is being called the POP TENNIS Nationals in an effort to Rebrand our sport and bring some new blood into our game,,,With all the growth we have seen in the sport of Pickleball we in Paddle Tennis/Pop Tennis see the potential of how many players young and older want to be out there on the courts,,,,,With that said the new XTP Pickleball paddle is a great addition to the XTP paddle line,along with the Wilson 38mm XTP paddles and of coarse the very popular XTP Venice hybrid 33mm with texture bringing a whole new dimension to the sport of Paddle/Pop Tennis ,,and if the old school players just find it to hard to control the wider bodied paddles XTP offers the Ultimate Control Hybrid the XTP 29mm-has great control but still offers a lot of PUNCH,,,so lets see what this summer brings to our new Branding of the great paddle sport of Paddle Tennis with the name of Pop.XTP-Venice-Solergy-no-coverxtp_paddle_2