XTP – Extended Tennis Product,Butt cap

The Patented design XTP=XTENDED TENNIS PRODUCT With HeatFit Technology(heating cap up to 155 degrees- with small amount FLEXIBLE  RUBBER CEMENT attaches to any racquet).-Patent Pend. lets you easily add a half inch “OR SLIGHTLY MORE” onto overall length of a Tennis racket or Pop/Paddle Tennis Paddle,Pickleball paddle,Squash racquet,Padel paddle just by changing the factory butt cap of a racquet..you can now take that standard 27 inch-Wilson/Head/Babolat/Prince/Yonnex/Dunlop and turn it into a stretch 27.5 or a 27.5 to 28inch model racquet..4 cap sizes in stock are L0/1=4.0 & 4 1/8,L2=4 1/4,L3=4 3/8,L4=4 1/2 .
Xtp xtended tennis product extends any tennis racquet or paddle easily 4 sizes are in stock as of May-2017..
Michael Chang/Rafael Nadal/Andy Roddick/Jaun Martin Del Potro/Serena Williams are just some players who use the stretch model 27.5 and longer racquets-its also very good for an advanced jr.tennis player going from a 26 inch racquet to 26.5.by installing the XTP…..Recently tested by the UNITED STATES RACQUET STRINGERS ASSOCIATION.
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