With all the buzz about our new PATENDED product XTP Xtended Tennis Product and all the feedback from players and installers around the workd now using XTP on Tennis racquets,pickleball paddles and paddle tennis paddle and even Spanish Padel paddles.
These are players wanting to add a little extra overall lenght to their racquets and paddles,we thought the best way to also get an unbiased opinion of our product.
The USRSA The United States Racquet Stringers Association did agree to test our new product,now their results are not yet know to us but they called our product Very Unique in an email and had not befor seen a product like the XTP..
The USRSA has already been taking great questions that we get from players and installers all over tbe world and we want to thank them for their knowledge with these questions

We want to thank the United States Racquet Stringers Association testing XTP Tennis butt cap.

We here at Paddles4less will be placing a small ad in the Sept.issue of Tennis Industry Magazine just befor the start of the US OPEN TENNIS TOURNAMENT and hope to get XTP product in front of many new people and feel confident many Tennis Shops will start stocking the product and offer installation for their customers also.
Here is a rough copy of ad that is being published..