In this post we will give more tips on how to best install the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap.

. FIRST make sure to know what size grip tennis racquet or paddle you have,as this is important to ordering the correct size butt cap you will need.

Your racquet or paddle will be size L0 to say L5,now L0 is 4.0, L1 is 4 1/8 ,L2 is 4 1/4, L3 Is 4 3/8 , L4 is 4 1/2 and L5 is 4 5/8.

Now we currently have 4 sizes in stock L0/1, L2,L3,and L4 we do not currently make an L5 cap but many players have very easily fitted our size L4 cap on the L5 racquets using Heatfit process. So if you have an L5 racquet we very much think our L4 cap can work for you.

Also we always suggest our Patented HeatFit process of softening and expanding our plastic urethane XTP cap to get best fit and it is easier if there is much resistance in getting cap completely on the racquet handle. HeatFit is to heat the cap up by heat gun,or just putting the cap in oven at 155 degrees for 5 minutes or just put into boiling water for several minutes.Heating the cap up both expands and softens the cap for better fit.And because there are SO MANY different shapes of octagonal grips with The XTP one size fits Any manufacturers racquet such as Wilson,Head,Babolat, Prince,Yonex,Dunlop,Pro Kennex,Gamma,Technifibre,and more.

Patented HeatFit process of heating XTP Tennis Butt Cap up to 155 degrees with heat gun or in oven or boiling water.

Another very important thing is to use a slightly FLEXIBLE rubber or silicone cement like Gorilla Clear Grip glue .It is important that whatever glue is used it be slightly Flexible as any racquet needs to flex slightly ,..SO SUPER GLUE DOES NOT WORK WELL!

And last if you still need to secure the cap even further you can use a staple gun to RE-Staple the cap again like from factory,if you do not have a staple gun many Tennis shops can staple these for you. Normally 2 staples is sufficient.

And after reading all our tips for properly installing the XTP cap you do not want to install yourself many tennis shops can install for you at a cost.And if you look on our dealer locator page you maybe able to find a Tennis shop that already stocks the XTP and you can get our caps from the shop and have them also install.

Also another tip for installation is that the XTP cap will slightly build up the portion of the grip it fits on,so some users are now filing down that section of the grip to the next size down then purchasing next size smaller cap so a 0 zero build up feel is attained. But with most users the build up feel is not an issue.

The XTP does slightly build up section of grip it slides over.

We also want to thank again the USRSA-The United States Racquet Stringers Association for play testing/and installing the XTP Xtended Tennis Product recently and answering many questions from users and tennis shop installers around the world.

As word gets out about the advantages of slightly stretching a racquet or paddle frame we get great feedback from users of the XTP tennis butt caps worldwide.

We also have several YouTube videos on installing techniques and benefits of using the XTP Tennis butt caps.

And feel free to call with any questions you still may have regarding the XTP tennis product or if you are a Tennis Shop wanting to get wholesale pricing and becoming a dealer/installer and listed on our dealer locator page.