XTP = Extended Tennis Product Extends Any Tennis Racquet or Paddle ~ 4 PAC


4 pack of the new XTP Xtended Tennis Product with HeatFit tech,,lets you add easily half an inch to that tennis racquet,or paddle,.Free domestic shipping on this 4 pack,,can mix sizes at checkout,all sizes in stock,L0/1,L2,L3,L4…can ship worldwide rates apply on checkout.

This is for a 4 Pack of XTP tennis butt caps.


4 PACK.-XTP Extended Tennis Product™ With Heatfit Technology lets you easily extend the length of your Tennis racquet or Paddle Tennis/Pop Tennis Paddle,Pickleball paddle. Add half inch or even up to 3/4 with modification,,also using a small amount of flexible  rubber cement, by adding our new design tennis butt cap will extend your racquet length 1/2 inch or slightly longer.

Grip size offered are L0/1=4.0 & 4 1/8, L2=4 1/4, L3=4 3/8, L4=4 1/2. Please specify size when purchasing. All sizes in stock.Can mix sizes if needed.
FREE shipping in USA,or we can ship wolrdwide,rates apply at checkout.and we have GLOBAL Distributors now in Australia and U.K.
WE NOW OFFER THE improved Factory slim beveled style much improved design. with HeatFit technology
Fits any mfg.racquet.

 Discounts available for even larger quantities,Dealers Welcome… GIVE US A CALL!

Xtp Xtended Tennis Product

Xtp xtended tennis product extends any tennis racquet or paddle easily.