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XTP So.CALĀ  PICKLEBALL PADDLE best Bang for your BUCK$,Paddle on the market,,,this PickleBall paddle builds on the momentum of all the GREAT XTP-Paddle Tennis/PopĀ Tennis paddle we have sold over the years–as we all know PICKLEBALL is the fastest growing sport in the USA and now around the WORLD,so we now offer the XTP So.Cal-Paddle at 210g with a rimless edge for light fast control as a carbon fibre construction and competition grip we think this gets you into the Game of Pickleball at a great price of only 59.99 with free s/h and a free strip of RIM Protect tape to paddle to top of paddle,,and if you need more than one Paddle you can purchase as a pair and save even more-Just look for item offered at PAIR price.

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THE XTP PICKLEBALL Paddle is only 59.99 with free s/h..its the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK IN PICKLEBALL only 210grams and a rimless carbon fibre construction this paddle is light and fast with great control,it has a competition wrap ribbed grip for that grippy feel and all XTP paddle include a free strip of rim protect tape included–WE at PADDLES4LESS are the ONLY COMPANY MAKING PADDLE TENNIS/POP TENNIS PADDLES AND PICKLEBALL PADDLES-we know both these sports well,and we have created the XTP line of Paddles to the TOP of Players GAMES with XTP LINE..YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE THIS PADDLE AS A PAIR IF YOU NEED MORE THAN ONE at even greater savings..FREE S/H in the USA.

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