With lots of interest in the XTP Xtended Tennis Product[Patent Pending] product butt cap-in particular with TENNIS PLAYERS wanting that EXTRA 1/2 inch added to normal 27 inch tennis racquets-you can now add an EXTRA 1/2 with only substituting the XTP buttcap on the end of the racquet-you can even get another 1/4 inch on top of that by adding a small 1/4 inch spacer into the cap adding to the standard 1/2 inch design-so total 3/4 inch with more modification-past and current GREATS that have played with STRETCH model tennis racquets include Michael Chang-Andy Roddick-Jaun Martin Del Potro -Rafael Nadal=JUST TO NAME A FEW==give a player a little more height when striking serve-Wilson-Babolat-Head-Dunlop-Yonex-Prince.-we are launching a info page about the XTP cap at www.tennisbuttcap.com that has more info and soon the launch a Utube video on easy how to install on a racket or paddle–Its very easy just remove current butt cap and install XTP-for that STRETCH racquet you always wanted to play with-these can be purchased in single 1-or two 2-or three 3 pack here on paddles4less site”.DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME-EXCLUSIVE OF WE racquets4less/paddles4less sites. .CURRENTLY have L2 41/4 and L3 4 1/4 factory thinner molded beveled caps in stockand have older style L4 4 1/2 cap in bulkier 3D printer version only-but will soon have more sizes in thinner molded version.

Tennis butt caps

ldedTennis butt caps