What is patented HeatFit technology=its the process of heating the XTP special compound plastic up to 155 degrees to slightly expand and soften the XTP so it fits tightly and conforms to any mfg.octagon shaped handel on tennis racquets or paddles.For those that do not have a heat gun,SIMPLY POP THE XTP CAP IN YOUR OVEN AT 155 DEGREES FOR 5 MINUTES THIS DOES A GREAT JOB FOR HEAT FITTING XTP/no need to own a heat gun..

OK players we now have all sizes L0/1,L2,L3,L4–IN STOCK this new improved version has a better bottom flair for a conventional tennis grip feel–ALSO these new models have the HeatFit Patented way of getting the best secure fit on most ANY racket or paddle-as we know each manufacturers idea of a certain size varies slightly but With HeatFit we adjust to many many different mfg.racquets or paddles-by simply heating our unique compound plastic XTP cap we can slide on then when cool you get the best fit possible.


XTP xtended tennis product extends any racquet or paddle easily.