Summer is here and with the POP TENNIS Nationals just finishing in late May in ST.Agustine FL.and the launch of the rebranding of the game of Paddle Tennis to Pop Tennis,with all the great media coverage Ken Lindner is getting for the sport of Pop Tennis,thanks for this Ken,,,keep in mind the Pop Tennis is Paddle Tennis with the NO BUCKET rules,,,,there is still traditional Paddle Tennis with BUCKET rule in place still being played,but the new players to the game seem to be less confused with the NO BUCKET rules in place,but once these new players try the Bucket rule game I think they will like the Bucket rules also..The 9 year old Avatar Duong who has been featured on several TV spots promoting Pop Tennis really likes the the new XTP Orange 33mm Venice paddle,look for him if you make it down to Venice, he is a trip to hit with and only 9 years old…thanks,john of PADDLES4LESS