NEW TSI-44 Sharper Image metal detector 169.99 free s/h+xtras


The genius metal detector by Sharper Image. detector for the Hunt.

MY other hobby,THE TSI-44 metal detector by SHARPER IMAGE the best detector at this price,has 4 modes and auto/manual ground balance,volume control,lots of feature found on 500.00 models
,and free carry bag and sand scoop/seive another 20.00 value..

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Specs on SHARPER IMAGE TSI-44 metal detector. box.

TSI-44 Sharper Image metal detector. If you ever wanted to get into metal detecting but knew you needed something more than the TOY detectors they sell at local sporting goods store but dont want to drop 500.00 or more on a WHITES/GARRETT/FISHER/TESORO/MINELAB-here it is the tsi-44’the GENIUS’ by Sharper Image..

Sharper Image The Genius metal detector good as any.

,has 4 modes-all metal,notch,auto notch,discrimination,has volume control,sens level,ground trac,target ID,depth indicator,all shown on a LCD screen,with 3 different audio tones as well ,rated at 4.5 stars,BRAND NEW in the box with 2 year mfg,warranty and comes with a black carry bag with shoulder strap and a plastic sand scoop/seive included,a perfect coin shooting machine with gold prospecting ability,with 8.5 concentric coil.weight is 3 pounds operates on 2 9v batteries for aprox 25 hrs.this machine will go deep.I only have a few of these since I got these from the a closeout price so when these are gone no more at this me with any questions you may have.thanks.john

Sharper Image The Genius metal detector new best price.

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