XTP Venice 33mm Pop/Paddle Tennis paddle New 18.3 Strech version New


XTP 33mm 18.3 Venice Pop/Paddle tennis paddle now in stock.get it here for only 114.99 with no cover-add 10.00for full thermal cover.

In stock

This is the newest in the XTP 33mm Venice Pop/Paddle Tennis line of paddles.in stock as of Nov.2016..THIS Neon Orange/Red just got even better-WE here at paddles4less have stretched this to legal limit of 18.3 inches and kept the weight at a low 345g,it has all the TEXTURED GRIT face with carbon weave for durability you want and now has the newl 4.25 gripsize-L2,,Has medium density EVA inner core foam for power and control THIS MAY BE THE BEST XTP VENICE PADDLE WE HAVE CREATED-its very stable and powerful-get it here for only 114.99 with free priority mail shipping included-no cover.and I include a Free strip of rim protect tape with every XTP paddle.thx,johnPhoto-Aug-21-5-32-31-PM